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Frequently Asked Questions About Land Surveying:

Q: What is Land Surveying?

A: Surveying is the art and science of mapping land. It is used in almost all aspects of site development and is also necessary to sell a piece of land. Property owners are able to have the boundaries of a parcel marked and any type of encroachment mapped. Engineers take a surveyors 3d mapping of a property and build a design from it. Leroy Surveyors and Engineers are able to accomplish a wide variety of surveys from a simple record of survey to complex 500+ lot plats. It is important to be accurate and produce quality work which is what we pride ourselves on.

Q: What types of Land Surveys can a survey company be hired to accomplish?

A: There are several types of different surveys Leroy Surveyors and Engineers can perform:

Property Surveys -- Lot and Boundary Surveys; Short Plat and Large Lot Subdivisions; Formal Plats; Boundary Line Adjustments; Condominium Surveys; Area Computations; A.L.T.A. Surveys.

Engineering Surveys -- Topographic Surveys; As-Built and Locations Surveys; Slope Verification Surveys; Profiles & Cross Sections.

Construction Surveys -- Control Surveys; Slope Staking; Street & Utility Staking.

Environmental Surveys -- Wetland Delineation Surveys; Soil Log Surveys; Arborist Surveys.

Q: When do I need to have my property surveyed?

A: Anytime the boundary changes, erection of fences, ownership transferred, land division or any type of structure built that is related to the boundary of a property.

Q: How much will a land survey cost?

A: There are commonly two ways for a survey company to bill a client. The first is a fixed fee based on the type of survey and amount of work necessary to complete. The second is T & M or time and materials. This is where a company works for a set hourly rate until your project has been completed. Most land surveying companies tend to work at a T & M rate because of unforeseen factors that may arise during work on a project. There are different scenarios where each will be more cost efficient for the work being hired out. It is best to contact the surveyors you wish to hire and ask for a consultation/quote before starting any new job site.

Q: What information do I need to have for my property to be surveyed?

A: Any information a client has will help reduce the time it takes for the site to be researched. Depending on the scope of work and type of survey, the amount of preliminary data collection varies. At the very minimum a client must have a Parcel Number or Site Address for the property to be properly researched and surveyed. Respectable Land Surveying Companies will not do unnecessary work if the type of survey does not require it.

Q: How can my property be divided so I can sell off a portion of it?

A: Any division of land requires a short plat or final plat. We can prepare a cost estimate to complete the land division required for the property to be sold.

Example Boundary Line Adjustment

BLA Example

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Example Short Plat

Short Plat Example

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Example Record of Survey

Survey Example

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